Banking Institutions

  • A session on “Forensic Science in Prevention, Control & Detection of Bank Frauds” at CVOs Conference of all public sector banks organized by SBBJ at Jaipur in 2011.
  • One Day Workshop on “Advances in Science and Technology to combat Bank Frauds” for the Senior Officers of Bank of Maharashtra, Head Office at Pune in July 2012.
  • Training Session on General Aspects of Forensic Science and Document Examination for Vigilance Officers of India Overseas Bank, Chennai in 2014.
  • Session on “Role of Forensic Science in Prevention and Detection of Bank Frauds” at State Bank of Hyderabad, Head Office, Hyderabad in January 2016.
  • And at many other leading banks including Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, HDFC Bank on “Banking Frauds: Trends & Technologies – A Forensic Perspective”

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