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MoU was signed with Microsoft India for Research Based Study Report on Piracy & Counterfeiting Software in India

The detailed vulnerability study titled ‘Emerging Risks and Threats to Public Safety and National Security’ was launched after an in-depth study by Truth Labs, who tested 230 samples consisting of 174 in DVD form and 56 as preinstalled products in laptops, which led to a conclusion that different types of malware detected in majority of the samples are susceptible to wide variety of risks and threats related to Intellectual Property (IP) theft, data leakage among others.

Truth Labs organized a launch of Forensic Analytical Report on Piracy and Counterfeit Software: Emerging Risks and Threats to Public Safety and National Security, a Collaborative Project of Truth Labs & Microsoft, India at Delhi on 23rd July 2014. The report was launched by Dr. Gulshan Rai, Director General, CERT- In, in the presence of Dr. Gandhi Kaza, Founder Chairman, Truth Labs and other eminent dignitaries in Delhi. The report was commissioned by Microsoft India.

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