Polygraph (lie-detection) technique

Human beings are marvelous creatures with complex psychological workings. Emotions and responses are a combination of voluntary and involuntary physiological mechanisms. Lying is one of those difficult reactions which includes Complete Deception; Half-Truths; Exaggeration; and Pertinent Omissions. Active lying is speaking or giving facts that are known to be untrue whereas passive lying involves concealment of some or all facts of the truth.

Assessment of deception is a crucial process for many reasons, inclusive of personal, business, criminal, and civil investigations, etc. Just as a doctor can check the physical symptoms of a disease; a trained professional can check for physiological reactions for deception.

The most commonly utilized technique to analyze deception is through Polygraph, a method that studies and records physiological reactions to probes. It is known since the 1800s that when the body and mind are not in sync, the symptoms appear physiologically. Ergo, it was observed that when a person attempts to fabricate facts known to their mind, their body does not cooperate. Some tell-tale signs are changes in Speech patterns, Vocal tones, Eye Movement, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Breathing (Respiration), Perspiration, Pulse, etc.

Truth Labs offers a Lie Detection test called Polygraph Examination in cases where the search for the truth is being impeded by elusive individuals.

In one such compelling criminal case of tracing of missing persons, the police approached Truth Labs with a suspect who wanted to cooperate with the investigation and verify the facts of the suspect’s statement. The suspect underwent a Polygraph examination under the Forensic Psychology expert at Truth Labs.

The expert assessed the subject, and the case to formulate the relevant questionnaire, which was then administered while the subject was monitored by the Polygraph machine. The physiological changes were monitored to detect any signs of deception. Based on the test, the investigators received crucial indicators to proceed with the investigation and judicial proceedings helping all the people involved.

In other cases of civil and criminal investigations, serious personal (individual) cases, the Forensic Psychology experts at Truth Labs help test legitimacy and deception, which helps both civilians and government agents.