Physico-chemical & Bio-chemical Examination (BC/PC)

Examination of wide range of unknown physical, chemical, and biological materials such as powders, liquids and substances for characterization and comparison with a known control materials for absolute identification in cases of suspected poisoning leading to death, health impairment of short or long-term. In cases of cheating and betrayal involving examination for alleged stolen or lost 2 or 4-wheelers and heavy vehicles, examination of burnt and tampered electric meters or duplicate speed governors or other electrical and digital mechanical parts. Truth Labs carries out systematic chemical/electrical/biological studies. Truth Labs also undertake analysis of trace evidence such as glass, paint, precious materials, soil, debris, diatoms, hair, fibre, blood, saliva, semen etc. as well as counterfeit currency, stamps, tyre marks, shoe prints etc. in cases of fraud, theft, poisoning, drug trafficking, drowning, accidents, fire, pilferage, rape, murder, kidnapping, cheating etc.

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