Forensic Investigation of Insurance Claims

Crime Scene Forensics


With rising cases of Insurance Claims and increase in fraudulent activities, Truth Labs Services are utilised by the General Insurance Companies in India for Investigation of Insurance Claims, especially to ascertain the root cause of loss which is relevant in deciding the merit of claim.

Large number of forensic and field investigations are undertaken by Truth Labs which include motor and non-motor fire insurance claims to determine the cause, source and origin and the circumstances thereof. Truth Labs also has expertise in respect of accident reconstruction, failure analysis, claims involving theft, burglary, floods and other natural calamities, death etc. The Experts of Truth Labs also collect blood samples in case of motor accidents for DNA analysis to ascertain the actual person who was driving at the material time of accident.

Each case involves detailed inspection of the property/vehicle followed by recording the incident by taking photographs, videos and collecting relevant physical, documentary and circumstantial evidences. After analysis and scrutiny of the same, the results are correlated and corroborated with each other to reach the root cause of incident.

Truth Labs has been carrying out Investigation of Insurance Claims for more than a decade with an average of 150 cases referred by almost all General Insurance Companies across India every year. Since Truth Labs is ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation having qualified personnel with latest equipment, its reports are well accepted by the Insurance Companies as well as withstand legal scrutiny when the Experts depose in the court.


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