A Case of the Guilty Call Records

Crimes against women have troubled our society for ages. Nearly 30% of the women in India have been victims of domestic violence based on an NCRB report in the year 2021. Many more of the incidents are known to go unreported and without justice.

There has been a noted increase in the use of electronic evidence as proof in such cases, even if gathering the same is not necessarily straightforward.  In cases where evidence is gathered successfully, it need to be subject to authentication to ensure its validity for presentation in court, including verification of their source.

In one such example audio video experts at Truth Labs analyzed a mobile device belonging to a woman victim of abuse, where audio recordings were said to be recorded.

The audio was extracted using Forensic Tools and was further subjected to technical analysis utilizing audio analytical tools and critical analysis by way of critical listening, concluding that the audio files in question were authentic.  It was also determined that the source of the audio was the mobile phone itself hence, a 65B certificate was provided, along with the report of authenticity.

The audio clips found on the device were indicated to be recordings of the woman’s parents-in-law and husband being verbally abusive to her and her child. This also corroborated with other evidence of physical abuse. The report of audio authenticity allowed the woman to seek justice with her legal case.

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