12 January 2024

Cybercrime is an evolving form of transnational crime

Cybercrime today includes traditional, real world offline crimes, (fraud, forgery, organised crime, money laundering, theft etc.) perpetrated in cyber space that are hybrid or cyber-enabled crimes, as well as ‘new cyber dependent’ that have been made possible with the advent of the internet and internet enabled technologies.

For these reasons many countries have amended or enacted laws that are specifically designed to deal with cybercrime along with the advent of newer types of cybercrimes like supply chain attacks. AI and IOT based crimes, crypto jacking, targeted attacks, bitcoin crimes, RDP attacks and so on require the existing laws to be tweaked to meet the legal requirements. India is still in the process of formulating more laws on bitcoin, crypto and fintech laws.
The complex nature of the crime as one that takes place in the border-less realm of cyberspace is compounded by the increasing involvement of organized crime groups. Perpetrators of cybercrime and their victims can be located in different regions, and its effects can ripple through societies around the world, highlighting the need to mount an urgent, dynamic and international response.

Law in a modern society has been defined as “the discipline that deals with how our legal system can and must adjust to accommodate the problems created by the ever more urgent and ubiquitous impact of technology on society.” With the growth of the internet technology, genomics, telecommunications, etc. legal scholars and law schools emphasized on the intersection of the law with science and technology.

Scientific issues now permeate the law. There has been a growing awareness of the importance of scientific and technological developments amongst legal scholars and practitioners.

Magnet Forensics Helps Truth Labs Deliver Justice in Child Abuse and Fraud Cases in India

WATERLOO, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Magnet Forensics (TSX: MAGT), a developer of digital investigation solutions used by more than 4,000 enterprises and public safety organizations in over 100 countries, today announced that Truth Labs, India’s first independent forensic science laboratory, is leveraging Magnet AXIOM to pursue justice against criminals involved in human trafficking, crimes against children, atrocities against scheduled castes and tribes and fraud.

“Truth Labs plays a fundamental role in India’s justice system by helping police agencies overburdened by digital evidence complete their digital investigations, bring timely justice to perpetrators and exonerate the innocent”

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“Magnet Forensics has been a tremendous partner in our quest to bring swift justice to criminals who exploit innocent victims,” said Anupama Kilaru, director, digital forensics division, Truth Labs. “Magnet AXIOM has been an invaluable addition to our investigative toolkit due to the breadth and depth of analytics it covers in computer, mobile and cloud acquisitions. Its analytical tools allow us to recover critical evidence faster and trace the events that occurred during a crime while presenting our cases to the court or prosecuting authority.”

Comprised of veteran forensic scientists who served government laboratories and reputed officers who retired from police and the judiciary, Truth Labs is a non-profit forensic laboratory providing services to police, courts, enterprises and individuals who otherwise could not access them. Founded by Dr. Gandhi P.C. Kaza, the former director of Andhra Pradesh Forensic Labs and current advisor to various state governments in India, the organization has been operating for 15 years. Since 2019, Truth Labs has used Magnet AXIOM, a digital forensics platform for recovering, analyzing and reporting on digital evidence from mobile phones, computers, IoT devices and the cloud, in more than 300 cases.

“Truth Labs plays a fundamental role in India’s justice system by helping police agencies overburdened by digital evidence complete their digital investigations, bring timely justice to perpetrators and exonerate the innocent,” said Jad Saliba, founder and chief technology officer at Magnet Forensics. “Magnet AXIOM is helping digital investigators like those at Truth Labs make daily break throughs in their cases by recovering and analyzing critical digital evidence, including deleted and hidden data, and quickly getting it into the hands of investigating officers.”

Magnet AXIOM immediately enhanced Truth Labs’ ability to make a difference in digital investigations. In 2019, the Kolkata Police outsourced a fraud investigation to Truth Labs. The suspects were accused of impersonating Microsoft technical support workers during phone calls to U.S. citizens in a bid to steal personal information. Truth Labs used Magnet AXIOM to examine multiple iPhones as well as Mac and Windows laptops belonging to the suspects. Digital investigators recovered instruction documents outlining how to speak with victims, how to react in certain situations and how to remotely connect to victims’ computers to steal personal information. They also recovered spreadsheets filled with personal data, such as banking information and credit card numbers, belonging to the victims.

In another recent case, Truth Labs used Magnet AXIOM to investigate alleged child abuse for the Karnataka State Police. The child and her parents filed a police report accusing a tenant in their home of abuse. In one key piece of the investigation, the suspect told police he never communicated virtually with the child. Truth Labs, however, was able to use Magnet AXIOM to recover deleted data demonstrating the suspect had communicated with the child through WhatsApp. The information was vital to the case because it proved the suspect was lying and had attempted to cover his tracks.

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National Seminar on Effective Utilization of Forensic Science | Truthlabs – Brief profile

Truthlabs – Brief profile

Forensic Science is a conglomeration of several branches of knowledge including natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, technology, medicine, linguistics and arts, that helps in analysis of physical evidence, also known as material evidence or objective evidence or direct evidence collected from all possible sources such as crime scene, victims, suspects and other associated people and places. As technology keeps evolving newer forms of organised crimes, financial frauds, human trafficking, drug trafficking, cyber threats, cyber-attacks, cyber activism, ransomware, data breaches etc. are committed by modern criminals making it imperative to constantly upgrade and adopt appropriate methods of investigation by the police and corresponding modern tools and techniques by forensic scientists to effectively assist and uphold truth in quick and quality delivery of justice is paramount.

Truth Labs, an independent forensic science laboratory, set up for the first time in India in a not for profit mode at Hyderabad in 2007, under the mentorship of Justice M N Venkatachalaiah, Justice M Jagannadha Rao and other stalwarts, was inaugurated by the then Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court, Justice G S Singhvi in the presence of distinguished guests including its founder, Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, who successfully rendered 36 years in central and state government forensic labs and created the leading and model laboratory in his capacity as IGP & Director, APFSL, immediately upon retirement initiated the concept of Truth Labs, which became a reality with several honestly served and honorably retired Directors and Heads of Central and State Forensic institutions and police officers joined as a part of their national social responsibility.

Spurred on public demand based on successful fulfillment of its mandate of serving the common people with easily accessible and affordable services, the second lab was established at Delhi in August 2009, inaugurated by the then Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Justice A P Shah in the presence of eminent public men of the country including Justice M N Venkatachalaiah.

Thereupon, it was set up at Chennai in July 2010 with Justice M Y Eqbal, the then Chief Justice of Madras High Court presiding over, with the inaugural address given by Bharat Ratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, in the presence of stalwarts like Former Director, CBI, Dr. R K Raghavan, IPS (Retd.), Former Director, NPA, Sh. Kamal Kumar, IPS (Retd.), Former Vigilance Commissioner, Mrs. Ranjana Kumar.

By this time several High Courts, sessions courts and subordinate courts, central and state police agencies, central and state government ministries and departments, corporates and MNCs, banks and insurance companies, besides large number of individuals have been utilising wide range of services in Questioned Documents, Disputed Fingerprints, Forensic DNA, Cyber Forensics, Audio Forensics, Video forensics, Fraud Investigations, Polygraph / Lie-Detector, with more than 15 retired Directors and 20 qualified scientists, providing prompt reports in 2 weeks with ISO 9001:2015 certification. Immediately thereupon the fourth lab was set up at Bangalore in 2011 inaugurated / blessed by Justice M N Venkatachalaiah, followed by the fifth one at Mumbai in 2012 and the sixth one at Kolkata in 2017.

At this juncture, the operations of Truth Labs funded with my family silver came to a break-even and decennial celebrations were organized in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai to mark the occasion, in the presence of several reputed men of eminence and all members appreciated the good work
done by Truth Labs.

All the 75+ veteran and young, qualified and trained forensic scientists currently working in Truth Labs in six metropolitan cities have reported over 24,000 cases referred by clients across India including Courts (25%), Police (15%), Govt. (5%), Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporates (10%),Insurance Companies (10%), Individuals from India and abroad (35%) making it an institution to reckon with other forensic institutions of central and state governments.

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Decennial Celebrations at Chennai

Chief Guest, Dr. C. Rangarajan, Former Governor, RBI & Former Chairman, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council; Justice Mr. S. Nagamuthu, Former Judge, Madras High Court; Dr. R. Nartraj, IPS (Retd.), Former DGP, Tamil Nadu & Currently MLA; Mr. K. Saleem Ali, IPS (Retd.), Former Special Director, CBI; and Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza; Chairman, Truth Labs at the get-together on 16th December, 2017 at Chennai.

Decennial Celebrations at Delhi

Dr. N. Dilip Kumar, Former DGP & Member, Public Grievances Commission; Sri Kamal Kumar, Former Director, NPA, Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman, Truth Labs;Prl. Judge Sri Arun Arya, Saket Courts; Sri Vijay Kumar, Former DGP, CRPF & currently Advisor, MHA; Sri N R Wasan, Former DG, BPR&D; Sri RamavatarYadav, Former DG, NCRB; Sri Arun Chowdary, Former Secretary, Home, Internal Security at theget-together on 13thNovember, 2017 at Delhi.

Decennial Celebrations at Hyderabad

Sri VepaKamesam,, Former Deputy Governor, RBI; Sri C. Anjaneya Reddy, Former DG, Vigilance & Enforcement Justice Sri Jagannadha Rao, Former Chairman, Law Commission; Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman, Truth Labs, Sri Kamal Kumar, Former Director, NPA; Sri PotturiVenkateswara Rao, Former Chairman, AP Press Academy; Sri Pradeep Mittal, CEO, GreatFour Systems Inc. at the get-together on 4th November, 2017 at Hyderabad.

Decennial Celebrations at Bangalore

  • Decennial celebrations were organized with Foundation Day Event on 21st October, 2017 at Bangalore with Justice Sri M. N. Venkatachaliah, Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India delivering the Foundation Day Lecture and Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Former Lokayukta and Supreme Court Judge delivering the Keynote Address.
  • Sri Rupak Kumar Dutta, IPS, Director General of Police, Sri R. Srikumar, IPS (Retd.), Former Vigilance Commissioner and Former DGP, Karnataka, Dr. Ajai Kumar Singh, IPS (Retd.), Former DGP & IGP, Karnataka graced the occasion.
  • Sri Vepa Kamesam, Former Deputy Governor, RBI and Sri P. C. James, Former Chair Professor, National Insurance Academy appreciated the unique contributions made by Truth Labs.

Second One Day Workshop for the Higher Judiciary on Advances in Forensic Science at West Bengal Judicial Academy, Kolkata

Spurred on the success the second One Day Training Program on Advances In Forensic Science: Best Practices For Successful Investigation, Prosecution And Adjudication of Cyber Crimes was organized ta at West Bengal Judicial Academy, 28th May, 2017 Kolkata for over 120 Judicial, Prosecuting and Police Officers along with around 30 Trainee Officers undergoing Induction at WBJA with with the Welcome Address by Ms. Ananya Bandhopadhyay, Director, West Bengal Judicial Academy and Introductory Remarks by Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman, Truth Labs followed by Inaugural Address by The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Aniruddha Bose, Calcutta High Court.

One Day Workshop for the Higher Judiciary on Advances in Forensic Science at Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Mumbai

In pursuance of our collaborative effort aimed at creating awareness to secure cyber space with a view combat cyber crimes in India by training the law enforcement agencies as a part of our continuing drive, a renewed thrust was given for training the judicial and prosecution officers as a part of our initiative in 2017.

Accordingly the first training program in the series was organized at Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Mumbai for over 400 Judicial, Prosecution and Police Officers on 22nd January 2017. The program started with the Welcome Address by Shri. P. D. Ambekar, Joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy and Introductory Remarks by Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman, Truth Labs followed by Inaugural Address by The Hon’ble Chief Justice, Dr. (Mrs.) Manjula Chellur, Bombay High Court & Patron-in-Chief, Maharashtra Judicial Academy, who emphasized the need and urgency for creating awareness about cyber related crimes to the judiciary, prosecution as well as police officers.

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